CSI on your Mind?

Questions & Answers

What does it cost?

We only charge for successful customer contacts so monthly cost depends on volume and volume depends on your manufacturer’s criteria for eligible CSI customers.  For example, if you generate 1200 ROs a month and 75% of those are CSI eligible and 90% of those are valid and we reach 70% of those we attempt, cost would be about $1250 a month (about $1.00 an RO).  Call Bill at 586-263-8160 for a quick quote.

Is there a set-up charge?

One time initial programming and set-up charge is $350.

What about monthly maintenance charges?

Our primary vendors for customer history extraction are CDK Global and Dealer Vault.  In either case, monthly extraction charge is $100.

How long is the contract?

There is no contract, just a 45 day termination notice.

How do you get my customer information?

That depends a lot on your DMS.  In most cases one of our primary data extraction vendors (CDK Global or Dealer Vault) will automatically extract closed ROs from your DMS daily.  Your customer information is encrypted and transmitted securely.

How do you know who to call?

Once we receive your customer history our software applies filters based on make, model year, mileage, and CWI op codes to create a selection profile specific to your needs.  Want us to call any warranty RO that’s less than eight model years old with less than 75,000 miles along with a random sample of customer pay ROs over $100?  No problem.

How soon after service do you call?

That depends on your CSI program and specific needs.  The closer we call to the service event the better we are at informing you of unhappy customers before they are surveyed.  The closer we call to when the CSI survey arrives, the more effective we are at increasing response rate from happy customers.  We can make first attempts the day after the RO is closed or any time after that.

How many times do you call?

That also depends on your CSI program and specific needs, but typically up to three attempts over a 4-5 day period.

What time do you call?

Typically, Monday thru Friday from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, customer local time, however call hours may be restricted based on your market and customer demographics.

Do you leave a message?

Yes, under certain circumstances but we don't consider a message a successful contact.

Do you mask your calls?

No.  We’ll use a telephone number in your local market area code at no charge and the Caller ID name will be DEALERSHIP or we can buy a dedicated telephone number exclusively for your dealership in your local area code and display your dealership name in the Caller ID name field for another $40 a month.

Are these robo calls?

Absolutely not.  We don’t even use auto dialers.  Every call we make is manually dialed by a living, breathing human.

Do you outsource calls?

Never.  All calls are made from our Call Center in southeastern Michigan.

How soon after your call do I get the results?

You’ll also get a monthly summary analysis of how many customers we attempted, how many we reached, and our contact rate along with statistics on the nature and percentage of complaints.  Statistics are provided for the current month along with a three and twelve month cum so you can easily identify trends.


What other support do I get?

We will review your summary analysis each month and point out trends we think you should be aware of.  If asked, we’ll review other CSI efforts you employ outside of our program to offer advice and direction about how these efforts can impact CSI.

What if....?

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