CSI on your Mind?

there are four ways to improve your csi...

  • Do a better job of making your customers happy
  • Persuade more of your happy customers to answer the survey
  • Condition those customers to give you higher scoring responses
  • Fix more of your unhappy customers before they get the survey

... and we can help you with all of them

Autocom has been providing customer follow-up services and related CSI Support to new car dealers since 1985

We are an approved vendor to AutoNation, Hendrick Automotive

Group, and Dick Smith Automotive Group along with many independent new car dealers across the US

We have the focus

  • We work exclusively for new car dealers 
  • We know how to improve your CSI response rate and increase your Top Box responses
  • We report customer concerns quickly so you can address them before your customer is surveyed
  • We tell you where to direct long term process improvement efforts
  • We help you identify undesirable trends before they become a problem

We have the experience

  • We have made more than four million successful contacts to customers just like yours in the past 30 years 
  • Our contact rate is 70% and we’ll reach many of your customers the day after the RO is closed
  • Follow-up calls are made from our Michigan Call Center by trained Customer Service Representatives (and yes, English is their first language)
  • Calls are brief, non-invasive, and easy on your customers

CSI is what we do.

It's all we do.